“I am absolutely fortunate that I came across Jobie when searching for a beta to help with my manuscript. Her feedback has been priceless!

I struggle a lot with ideas when I am attempting to write my chapters. And Jobie went above and beyond to provide me with a character sheet and chapter outline in order to be able to organize my thoughts better and put the story together more efficiently.

But first, she provided an in-depth analysis of my story, touching on different topics: from the opening scene to character motivation; plot and pacing to setting and world-building. Every topic she touched on, she walked me through how to improve the areas that were shaky in order to make my story richer.

Jobie’s character review allowed me to see my characters through a reader’s eyes. Which is instrumental in allowing me to know how to improve my characters and make them more three-dimensional.

In closing, Jobie’s feedback has helped my editing tremendously (and also cured the writer’s block I have been struggling with for the past few days). Once again, thank you Jobie. Your time and your critique and feedback have been truly priceless!

For any writer out there looking for help with their manuscript, I cannot recommend Jobie enough. Jobie’s skills are ESSENTIAL to your editing process. Not every beta can provide the dedication and level of expertise that Jobie does. Some will not even give you the results that you’re looking for: a professional looking manuscript. But Jobie will give you those results.

I am truly grateful.”

G Nwankpa



“Jobie has been such a godsend!

I came across her message and offer for beta reading and editing services on the Goodreads platform. I had just completed major edits to my manuscript, so I was looking for someone to help me layer on the missing pieces. Jobie was not only swift to respond to my message, but she also completed her reading and editing of my manuscript quickly. I know she had one manuscript to work on before mine, yet she got back to me within the week.

She gave me a thorough run-down on plot elements, characterisation, setting/world-building etc. She even offered suggestions on possible revisions, showing me how certain lines would work better with less complicated sentence structures so as to help the pacing.

She helped me with my flashback scenes as well, making edits that added to the clarity of the piece. I am very grateful for her help, and look forward to many more collaborations and opportunities to work together.”

Natasha Alvar



“Jobie was quick with reading and gave a thorough and honest review of my story. The feedback was detailed in addressing aspects of the characters, the plot, the pacing, setting, dialogue and craft. Insightful questions were asked along with specific examples of what needed improvement and what worked well. ”

Amanda Justice


“Jobie had a quick turn around and yet managed to go into fine details for the beta read of MOTH.  Plot, character, and so on were separated by handy categories, and no aspect of storytelling was left without either a compliment or a useful critique. ”

Rowyn Golde