We all know that producing blog posts is an effective way to introduce you and your services to potential customers. For business clients who simply don’t have time to write their own posts, I will research, fact check and write their blogs for them.


When I undertake a first read or beta read, I will read the entire manuscript and then provide you with a detailed critique covering areas such as opening scene, characterisation and motivation, plot and conflict, pacing, dialogue and craft. I will also give you an overall impression. This service does not include editing but it can be added on request.


My proofreading service ensures your work is free from writing errors, such as grammar, punctuation, spelling and word usage. As a proofreader, I use the Oxford or Merriam Webster dictionaries (whichever is best for your purpose) and the Chicago Manual of Style.

I will check for:-

  • Spelling errors.
  • Typing errors.
  • Correct usage of full stops, commas, colons, semicolons, etc.
  • Correct word usage, e.g. their, they’re and there.
  • Correct use of quotation marks, apostrophes etc.
  • General formatting conventions.


When copy-editing I will cover all the issues you would expect from proofreading but also suggest edits to make the writing clearer, more engaging, and more reader-friendly.

I also aim to improve the overall quality of writing, clarity of language, and will eradicate errors and inconsistencies within the text. For example, some of the areas I consider are:-

  • Quality of word choice – improve where possible for clarity.
  • Make the work more direct – remove the passive language.
  • Check that the tone is appropriate for the audience.
  • Remove unnecessary words or sentences.