I write urban fantasy novels under my own name and romance novels under my pen name: Jessica Lewis.

On this page, you will find out how I’m doing with my works in progress.

The first in the Tribe series, Ink is complete and is currently with the editor. I’ll be starting on the prequel Raven early next year.

My first ever attempt at writing a romance novel, Running in Sandals, is about 40% written and I hope to have it written and published by early 2019.

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Fantasy Series – Tribe


Copy of INK TIME CLOCK (2)

Ink – Christian walks into a tattoo parlour a normal teenager and walks out a super-hero on a mission to save the World from The Settlers. Christian’s adventure will take him, and his new tribe, across the globe and maybe even further.


Raven Cover from Word-page-001

Coming in 2019: Raven – part of the Tribe series and the prequel to Ink.

Romance Novels


Running In Sandals

Running In Sandals – Gabrielle Stone, her best friend Casey, their nerdy friend Jake, and Gabrielle’s handsome ex-boyfriend Lucas solve the mystery of the stolen jewels and Gabrielle may, or may not, fall back in love with Lucas.