I live in Surrey with my husband, our rescue Greyhound (Lori) and our rescue Podenco (Monty). I write (young adult) urban fantasy, combining the ordinary details of everyday life with a little magic and a lot of mayhem.

My first love is, and no doubt always will be, reading. This might sound strange, coming from an author, but writing takes effort which is why writing only makes it to number two on my ‘favourite things’ list. Just so you know, skiing, yodelling and the internal combustion engine don’t make it onto the list at all.’

I’d be honoured if you would read my debut novel Ink. In it, our hero, Christian, an unruly English teenager, is forced to save the Earth from the evil machinations of the Settlers.

Here’s a link to get your free pre-release review copy.


Jobie 💕