Three-Step Process To Writing a 500-Word Blog

I’m writing a book at the moment – my first – so I only have time for a short blog this week.

I usually write longer blogs so I was having a difficult time coming up with an idea for shorter content. when I had a eureka moment.

It went something like this: —

“What to write? What to write? — Hmmm, do I even know how to write a short blog? I write long blogs.

I know — I’ll write a short blog about how to write a short blog. Jobie, you’re a genius!”

Et voila!

I put on my thinking cap and here is my three-step process on writing a short blog (which I may or may not have used to write this short blog).

Step 1 – What’s it about?

Imagine you are chatting to your best friend in the comfy seats at the finest coffee emporium in your local town. You’ve discussed the weather, you’ve talked about Brexit, Trump and the World Cup.

Your friend turns to you and asks, “What’s your blog about this week?”. Your job in this first step is to tell her, in one to two sentences what your blog is about.

These sentences, if you haven’t guessed, will become the introduction to your blog.

Step 2 – Having A Conversation

The next step, after one of you has returned to the counter to get more coffees, is for your friend to say “Wow! That sounds interesting, can you tell me more?”

What a great friend.

Since she is so interested — she’s a keeper by the way — you tell her briefly about the three to six points that you believe to be the most important about the topic. These are the points you want to get across to your readers.

Each point should take up no more than five sentences or a paragraph.

Step 3 – Wrap it Up

Having told your friend the most important points about the subject you have selected, all you need to do is wrap it up.

In your chat with your friend, you can do one or more of the following: —

  1. Explain why you selected the topic and why you think your readers want to hear about it.
  2. Summarise the conversation you just had with her.
  3. Ask her, if she enjoyed your coffee and chat, whether she would like to have coffee with you again (follow you or join your mailing list).


That’s it. I am almost at the dregs of my oat-milk latte with my imaginary friend and have completed Steps 1 and 2 with her. Now for Step 3.

If you like my blog and want to hear more about writing, proofreading and editing, please follow me — it’s the best way to hear I’ve published the next one.


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